Dynamic Mobility

Sports Massage & Training


New, now in two locations.

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Fall Mobility Sessions

Want to increase sport-performance, functional movement, biomechanics and injury prevention through mobility self-care training sessions?!

You will receive a lacrosse ball, foam roller and exercise band with payment and learn how to use each for self-care training. Each session will focus on a new functional movement, muscle group or common area of treatment.

Can’t make it to all?! You can pay per session for $40, just email if you are interested in coming to the 5pm, 6pm or 7pm time.

Contact Allison to get signed up.

Why Sports Massage?

Individuals who participate in regular exercise or play sports, from the elite professional athlete to the novice just starting a program for general health and wellness may benefit from various forms of sports massage.  Just as exercise is recommended for everyone, sports massage is beneficial for everyone's muscles in restoring range of motion, improving performance or reducing the pain cycle from soreness and overuse. This type of massage can lead to injury prevention, improved health, relaxation and shortened recovery periods to keep you in your active lifestyle. Each massage is tailored to the active individual and their muscular needs.


Pricing & Packages

Clients will receive personalized care for their pain, injury, movement restrictions, postural compensations, muscle sprains, strains or other tensions to release, stretch, relax and restore tissue to its original resting length. When necessary, rehabilitative exercises and stretches may also be recommended. Dynamic Mobility will uniquely create individual workout schedules and exercises to improve biomechanics efficiency, prevent injury and achieve fitness goals. This personalized active treatment, combining training with sports massage, will help prevent injuries, restore muscle length and enable individuals to reach their dynamic mobility goals.


Massage Pricing

15 min $20
30 min $40
min $60
min $75
min $100

Package Pricing

One-day Event $100/hour
Two-Day Event $500/day

Personal Training/Rehabilitative Exercises

$35/plan developed
$50/hour in gym time
$75/ hour of stretching session


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