Massage Services

Individuals will receive personalized care for their pain, injury, movement restrictions, postural compensations, muscle sprains, strains or other tensions to release, stretch, relax and restore tissue to its original resting length through various massage techniques. When necessary, rehabilitative exercises and stretches can also be recommended. Dynamic Mobility will uniquely create workout schedules and exercises in order to create biomechanical efficiency, injury prevention and achieve fitness goals. This personalized active treatment helps prevent injuries, restore muscle length and enable individuals to reach their dynamic mobility goals.

Massage Service Pricing

15 min $20   -   30 min $40   -   45 min $60   -   60 min $75   -   90 min $100


New Client Assessment
(40 or 70 minutes)

Don't know which massage service to choose? As a first time client, choose your time and we will discuss your performance goals, injury treatment or your care options at the beginning of your appointment and go from there. 

Deep Tissue
(15,30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes)

Regular Swedish Massage focusing on deep tissue to locate Trigger Points and/or facilitate Myofascial Release to help restore and repair muscle tissue.

(30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes)

Performed between sporting event dates to stretch muscles to return to their resting length and spot treat trouble areas during routine training and workouts. Usually 30-90 minutes focusing on neck, arms, legs and back.

(15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes)

Performed during an athlete’s off-season to maintain range of motion, flexibility and self awareness during training. Usually 15-90 minutes focusing on neck, arms, legs and back or can address 2-3 specific areas.

(60 or 90 minutes)

Performed to improve client’s self-awareness. Clients stretch their muscles throughout the massage and actively participate in increasing their muscular resting length. Client may come dressed in athletic gear if they prefer for this stretching session.


(15 or 30 minutes)

Pre-Event – Performed two days to two hours prior to the sporting event to warm-up and invigorate the athlete’s muscles. Usually 15-20 minutes addressing a single area of the body. 

Post-Event – Performed within 3 days after a sporting event to aid in the muscle cool down and body’s recovery process. Will typically work: arms, legs, back and neck. 


Stretching Session
(60 minutes)

$75 for a hour session

Clients will passively stretch their entire body through the guidance of the therapist. Tight areas may require some active stretching by the client - expect to come and do some work to stretch the entire body. This will aid in improved circulation, flexibility and the prevention of injury. May come dressed in athletic clothing, if preferred, for this session.

Kinesiology Taping
(15-30 minutes)

$20 per application

Kinesiology tape has a variety of benefits: pain relief, reduction of swelling and inflammation, better strength and muscle tone in injured muscles for stability, and structural support for increased mobility. It is used for anything from back problems to postural corrections. Tape will be applied and explanation of care. If corrective exercises are needed, there will be an additional fee for the personal training offered.

Personal Training/ Rehabilitative Exercises

$35/plan developed or $50/hour in gym time

Clients desiring refinement and feedback on their form and function of movement will receive specific workouts to fit their personalize fitness goals. Client will meet, review technique of movements/stretches and develop a plan to implement individually.


Event/ Evening or Weekend Packages

Event Packages are by appointment only due to evening and/or weekend commitments. Please email Allison details, times and massage therapy goals to to schedule.

One-day Event $100/hour or 
Two-Day Event Package $500*

Event Packages – Performed during an athletic event to warm up muscles, address muscle tightness or cramping or cool down muscles at a competition. Usually 15-20 minutes addressing a single area of the body before and in between an event. After the completion of a day’s event, more time will be spent to aid in the cool down process and return muscles to their lengthened resting state. This helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness and helps in waste elimination from muscles.

 *Event can last up to 6 hours each day