In a world of over-committed children, we tend to lose the importance of sleep during their developmental years. This article talks about the medical, hormonal and physical stages of the adolescent circadian rhythm.

Many athletes think deep tissue massage is always part of the “hurts so good” philosophy and prefer this service all the time. More and more research is coming out that shows a decrease in athletic performance if deep tissue massage is performed too close to competition.

FIFA has done a lot of research on the impact of the game of youth soccer and has come up with an injury prevention warm-up. I do believe this could be used as a warm-up for ACL prevention for many different sports, in youth of both genders.

More and more research continues to come out as people are finding the benefits of self myofascial release through the use of foam rolling. Here is an article from the NASM website that shows there may be performance improvements through foam rolling after a dynamic warm up. Click on the box to read the article.

If you have never heard of Sports Massage before, Health Fitness Magazine has a great article on the various psychological, physiological and even economical timing of how often and when to receive a sports massage. Click on the box to read the article.