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Sold in Office


Cotton T-Shirts

Sizes Small - 2X Large

In Grey or White - $20

Grey has a back side with Dynamic Mobility Logo

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Rock Sauce - $15

Rock tape - $15

Rock Band - $15

Rock Floss - $20

Lacrosse ball - $10

foam roller - $20

Kinesiology Tape

Professional athletes are not the only ones who may benefit from the use of kinesiology tape. Kinesiology taping brings many benefits throughout you phases of training and mobility. It aids in reducing inflammation, improving rehabilitative care and increasing performance and recovery. We not only provide the application of Rock Tape kinesiology tape but also offer it for purchase through our office. Ask us if kinesiology taping can help with your injury. You can purchase a personal supply at our clinic, where our team will also teach you how to apply kinesiology tape properly.  

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Juice Plus+

If you are looking for nutrition supplements, shakes or a daily vitamin, I highly recommend Juice Plus+. With the idea that diet is not something you do to lose weight but a lifestyle using whole foods to fuel your body and life. With more than 20 years and over 30 clinical studies in the benefits of using Juice Plus+, it truly is one simple change that can make a big difference. If you have children, there is also a Children's Health Study that allows you to get vitamins for FREE for your little ones. Whether you start with Juice Plus+® capsules or chewables, Complete by Juice Plus+®, or both, our Juice Plus+® products can help you jump-start healthy changes in your life.